Theory exam training for the car theory exam 2022!

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Dutch Theory exam

Practice for the CBR theory test driving license B 2022!

Theory Book

Read the online theory book. The theory book has a handy search functionality!

Over 1450 questions

The ultimate preparation for the car theory exam. Practice with more than 1450 questions!

Pass the first time!

Pass the first time with the best and most instructive learning and exam training course!

7 languages

The driving theory exams and the complete programme are available in 7 languages!

English Forum

Ask questions about the theory, exchange tips and much more on the English forum!

Driving schools

Compare all driving schools and find the best driving school in your area!


Each question is provided with a detailed explanation. Learn at lightning speed with the learning system and recommendations!


The theory exams, the book and the application are actively maintained. Last update 14-06-2022




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